Volunteering opportunities and experiences.

Volunteering Opportunities and Experiences

I have known Gajendra Lohorung Rai for over five years. He has helped me enormously over the years on visits outside Kathmandu, doing research, translation work and organizing accommodation and interviews. He is resourceful, patient, kind and extremely helpful.

Volunteer for Nepal’ is a new venture and Gajendra has all the skills and experience necessary for making the project successful. He has much experience of helping Westerners, since he has worked for many years in the hotel business, and volunteer organization, meeting tourists from all over the world. He has a good understanding of Westerners’ needs; his English is good and he has worked with a similar volunteering agency and therefore has direct knowledge of what is required in volunteering. Gajendra is approachable, trustworthy and a good person, who will support volunteers at every step to ensure that those applying will have good volunteering opportunities and interesting experiences.

Dr. Charlotte Hardman
Durham University

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