Sponsor Child Education

Situation of the children in Nepal

Nepal is a poor and least developedSponsorship country in the world. Despite the most international aid, children in Nepal do not have access to all their rights without sponsorship. As to latest experts research almost half of population live below the poverty and cannot cope their families needs. Main problem factors faced by children in Nepal. As victims of poverty, children are in their need they fight a battle for everyday life, as their fundamental rights are not fulfilled. Health care system are lack of appropriate accessories in rural areas and eligible health workers. The mortality rate of child before 5 year is very high, it means children’s health is particularly vulnerable, and they tend to suffer from malnutrition and diabetes.

Nepal has two primary types of schools: community and institutional. Community(public) schools receive government grants, and institutional (private) schools are self-funded. Institutional schools are non-profit trusts or company. Education is free and mandatory between the age of 6 to 11 in Nepal, this is only applicable in public school. However, many children leave school before 11 age. Only 84% children attend the school. Also large gaps exist between of girls and boys attendance due to social tradition early marriage of young girls. The legal age for marriage 18 for girls and 21 for boys. However, this law has not always respected, more than 50% of girls do early marriage before the legal age. Child labour is black mark in Nepalese society, more than 25% work in very dangerous condition as labour to support their families needs. Child trafficking is altogether too present in Nepal. In between so many constraints there are still discrimination in policy level as well, because Nepal has a diverse communities and spoken over 90 sino-tibetan language. The official language is Nepali and distant rural primarily school children can not understand. This factor also prevent them from attending school.

Education plays a vital role to break the cycle of poverty. So, let’s join our hands to help the child education for those who are in poverty and disadvantages. Your sponsor amount pay school fee and uniform to supplies. It depends on the amount how much you sponsor. And you will receive school reports and photos, as well as drawing, letters from your sponsored child.