How to volunteer in your community

Volunteering is a great option to be engaged in your society and create an impact. Volunteering can also appear to be good on your resume and support you take part amidst other candidates. It’s significant to search out volunteer chances which match your schedule and wishes. In this blog, we share the reason volunteering is significant, provide different options you can volunteer in your region and offer the methods you can initiate to start volunteering at present. 

Reasons volunteering is important 

Volunteering is significant since it offers support to nonprofit agencies and other causes targeted at enhancing the society. Many charities and other agencies depend on volunteers to acquire their aims and remain effective. Without volunteers, these nonprofit organizations are unable to operate at their best level. Volunteer For Nepal offers different kinds of volunteer opportunities in Nepal. 

Volunteering also, 

  • Does not waste money in which nonprofits would require to spend on paid workers 
  • Supports meet local needs needed for the society to operate at its best 
  • Assist families and other persons in the society who is not able to assist themselves 
  • Enhances educational procedures 
  • Provides individual benefits to the volunteers themselves, involving enhances wellbeing and reduces stress 
  • Assists volunteers establish valuable competency and capabilities 

Different options to volunteer in your society 

There are many options you can get engaged in by volunteering in your society. General areas which have volunteer chances involve: 

Homeless shelter: Homeless shelters frequently have many volunteer chances accessible, involving preparing and providing food to the homeless in our place. 

Animal shelters: Most animal shelters need the work of volunteers to carry to function. Chances at animal shelters might involve dog walking and administrative assistance. 

Home construction agencies: Few nonprofits establish homes or conduct repairs on enduring homes for little to no cost. Volunteer chances could involve construction or cleaning works. 

Retirement homes: Individuals in retirement homes frequently depend on volunteers as an origin of entertainment on the hand educating. You can teach an art class or read a book once a week in your local retirement home as a choice of providing back to your society. 

Libraries: Lot of local libraries search for volunteers to contribute to the whole operation. Chances to consider involve arranging bookshelves, taking part in weekly reading activities and helping library visitors. 

How to volunteer 

Below are some methods you can take to volunteer in your society: 

  1. Choose which causes you care about 
  2. Recognize the skills and knowledge that you can provide 
  3. Build a volunteer resume 
  4. Know how frequently you can volunteer 
  5. Understand volunteer opportunities in your society 
  6. Consider making usage a volunteer site 
  7. Acquire all the important information for the volunteer place 
  8. Apply for the volunteer role 
  9. Follow up after you apply 
  10. Accomplish all needed training 
  11. Start through a limited dedication 
  12. Be professional 
  13. Frequently evaluate your volunteer experiences 
  • Choose which causes you care about

Deciding to volunteer for a company or cause that you feel passionate about could maximize the opportunities that you experience. Take time to evaluate what you actually care about prior to starting volunteer work. For instance, if you’re passionate about disability rights, you might enjoy volunteering at a special needs institute. The more particular you get regarding your passions and wishes, the more possibly you are to find a volunteer role which is best matched for you. 

  • Recognize the skills and knowledge you can provide 

Lot of volunteer opportunities asks that persons who have certain capabilities. For instance, an animal shelter searching for an administrative volunteer will possibly want that volunteer to have preceding experience. Evaluate the capabilities you presently have to view if there are particular positions you could volunteer for. Majority of nonprofits also have entry-level positions which train you on the basics, significantly its long-term position. 

  • Build a volunteer resume 

Building a volunteer resume which lists your preceding experience as a volunteer on the other hand your talents and interests can be a huge asset at the time applying for positions. A resume lets the agency to immediately view what you have to provide and assist in seeking the most relevant volunteer role for you. 

  • Know  how frequently you can volunteer 

Recognize how many hours and days each 7 days or 30 days you can decide yourself for the role. For instance, if you work a full-time job at the usual business hours, you might just want to volunteer on Saturday or Sunday. In the situation where you are a stay-at-home parent, you might want to volunteer more often. Acting realistic regarding your accessibility can assure you don’t overcommit yourself at the time of volunteering. 

  • Understand volunteer opportunities in your society 

Once you recognize your interests and your schedule, you can start viewing roles in your society. Ask colleagues and family members if they know of any volunteer roles which match your choices. Think ahead of the significant nonprofit agencies if you can’t seek a role you’re passionate about. Consider asking a representative of your high school or college to view if they have positions accessible. 

  • Consider making usage a volunteer site 

Another huge option to find a volunteer opportunity in your society is to make usage of a volunteer webpage. These webpages let you input your capabilities, choices and schedule, and then suit you through close by positions.

  • Acquire all the important information for the volunteer place 

Prior to applying for a volunteer role, ensure that you recognize all of the information. Understand regarding the task you’ll accomplish, the degree of dedication required and any needed training. The more information you understand, the more prepared you will be if you acquire the role. 

  • Apply for the volunteer role 

Lot of volunteer roles requires you to submit an application. At the time these applications are normally not as stringent as those for a role, you must still regard the application like it’s for a professional role, and offer references if asked for them. You might also be required to prepare for an interview in the situation the role includes leading others or managing sensitive details.

  • Follow up after you apply 

After applying for a volunteer role, follow up two or three days after if you received any information from the agency. Lot of nonprofit agencies are busy and have limited resources, which means it can take longer to react to questions regarding volunteer roles. Following up assures your volunteer application is received and transmits your interest in the position. 

  • Accomplish all needed training 

Once you have secured a volunteer role, accomplish any training needed. Majority of training will be minimal, but some agencies need you to hold documentation or accomplish a training course prior to you starting volunteering. 

  • Start through a limited dedication 

At the time you initially begin, plan your schedule just a month or two into the future. View if you enjoy the role and agency prior you make a full dedication. Once you recognize you want to carry on volunteering in this capacity, consider proving more of your time to the agency. 

  • Be professional 

Regard your volunteer dedication just as you would a paying position. Show up on time, deliver on your dedications last minute and be professional at the time conducting volunteer tasks. Nonprofit agencies depend on volunteers for many of their roles, so being reliable and professional creates a productive influence on the organization. 

  • Frequently evaluate your volunteer experiences 

Evaluate with yourself each few months to assure you still experience volunteer roles. If not, you might want to regard seeking for another volunteer role in your region. You could also discuss with the volunteer coordinator to see if there are other positions accessible, within the similar agency. 

Where are volunteers most needed in Nepal?

Volunteer work with Volunteer for Nepal provides a different and relevant chance to make a productive effect on the lives of individuals in one of the planet’s most attractive and culturally rich nations. Nepal is a land of divergence, in which modernity intercepts tradition and where the lively cities coexist through the amazing original landscapes of the mountain ranges. Volunteering for Nepal provides a broad range of projects which cater to various interests and capabilities. Either you are willing to teach, medical, ecosystem preservation, or community enhancement, there is a project for you.

With volunteering, you will not just work by contributing to the enhancement of the groups you work with, but you will also be acquiring valuable skills, understanding regarding various cultures, and expanding as a person. Volunteering for Nepal offers a chance to submerge oneself in the rich culture of the mountainous country at the time making a meaningful difference on the lives of the local groups. Nepal is a developing nation which still struggles with poverty, less access to learning and medical, and the impacts of natural calamities.

Volunteers can work in different kinds of fields involving teaching English, offering medical assistance, supporting community enhancement programs, and working with youngster and women’s empowerment projects. These experiences not just have advantage to the communities where volunteers work, but also offer a valuable learning experience for the volunteers themselves. Volunteer work with Volunteer for Nepal highlights many main advantages for those searching to make an impact in the world.

Immersion in a different culture: Volunteering in Nepal lets people to submerge themselves in a different and abundant cultural experience. Nepal is famous for its ancient traditions, amazing landscapes, and friendly people, and volunteer work offers a different chance to communicate and know from local groups.

Individual and professional development: Volunteering in Nepal not just lets people make a productive influence on local communities but also offers individual and professional development chances. The experience acquired from volunteering in a new environment, working with unique cultures, and knowing new skills can hugely have advantages to people in their individual and professional lives.

Making a relevant influence: Volunteer work with Volunteer for Nepal provides people the chance to make a meaningful and lasting influence on the lives of local groups. Programs concentrate on significant problems like learning, medical, and community enhancement, and volunteers can view the productive changes they are making in actual time.

Adventure and original beauty: Nepal is popular for its amazing original beauty, and volunteer work lets people discover and witness it firsthand. From the majestic mountain ranges to the lush tropical forests, Nepal provides a broad variety of views and opportunities of expedition.

Help and guidance: Volunteer For Nepal offers significant help and guidance to volunteers all over their time in Nepal. From pre-departure support to on-ground help, volunteers can sense self-esteem that they have the assistance they require to have a prosperous and relevant volunteer witness.

The places of volunteers needed in Nepal are:

Medical and Healthcare volunteer abroad

Are you seeking to make an impact in the enhancing world? Find inexpensive and standardized medical and healthcare volunteer programs that are unclose to learners, graduates and medical experts. There are short and long term positioning in healthcare centres, outreach centers and isolated group programs in Nepal. The vision of this important project is to simply offer health care to those who are in need in Nepal.

Encountering a multitude of medical problems, the people of Nepal are facing. Volunteer positioning on this project are on the basis at medical posts or health care centres or hospitals, and are either Government-operated or handled by the local community, in remote and urban areas. Volunteers will be working in the cities of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan and also other countryside places within Nepal. They will also work closely with Nepalese doctors and nurses in pre-arranged Health Camps controlled by the Government or the community. Amidst the most improvised communities inside Nepal’s population, there is a frequent need to mobilize medical care workers.

Aim of this program:

Offering important health care to the most unsafe of Nepal enhances the health and welfare of some of the poorest people in the world.

Ensure international volunteers to spend time working with those who are in the most

Reveal volunteers and youngsters to various people and cultures

Environmental and Preservation Volunteer Project

Combined with the local countryside community and international volunteers performing significant research, encouraging sustainable, profitable activities to intercept ecological and preservation challenges at the time witnessing Nepal’s vivid culture. Due to the fast abasement of jungle and lake of a preservation perception to community people regarding ecosystem problems, the stability of ecosystem is reducing each day flooding and contamination are the significant concern for ecological degradation Volunteer for Nepal and has every time helped regarding ecological and preservation problems since its formation.

It has begun a village based nursery in Chitwan south of Nepal of generating and distributing forest species to Community individuals for the objective of plantation. Ecological and Preservation awareness programs will be defined by the smaller volunteer community or larger group volunteers on the basis of proficiency and the requirements of the village group.

Example programs involve: establishing “green” clubs, planting a flower garden, planting trees, garbage handling, recycling project, making a smokeless stove, building toilet pit etc. volunteers might also offer support to youngsters clubs or women’s group in the community sharing their knowledge, capabilities and idea regarding ecological problems. At the time of their project volunteers will stay with our Nepali anchor family in the program site.

Volunteer Adventure Project

Volunteering in Nepal is an excellent chance to explore the stunning view of the mountain ranges and the nation’s cultural heritage at the time doing something relevant. You want to witness the culture from up close? Teach English to monks in Buddhist monasteries and acquire a perception into their daily life and their religion. Little landlocked Nepal is home to 8 of the 10 tallest of the planet’s peaks. Since the nation unclosed her doors in 1949, it has been a significant location for mountain climbers and hikers from all over the globe.

Not just this, but the diverse landscape and abundant culture and wildlife carry on to please and entrance those who travel. After the destructive earthquake in 2015, volunteers are much required. Join a construction program to reconstruct Nepalese communities and safeguard the ancient destinations in Kathmandu. Not for you? Then work for a healthcare program and help the local medical system.

As a volunteer/trainee, you will be positioned with a Nepali anchor family, Either Buddhist Monastery where you will reside at the time you support within the community to teach English in schools, orphanages or to women and youngsters. You will also work farming within the local group. Your layover will let you become engaged in Nepali culture and language and will offer a solid substructure for your visiting. At this period you will have the chance to visit Kathmandu. Once your positioning is over, you will start on one of Nepal’s most reputable and famous treks, whether to Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp.

Schools and Community Preservation

Schools are important to a child’s learning. In Nepal, a lot of children don’t go to school due to less money or entrance. In these positions, volunteers will stay with a host family, having traditional Nepalese foods and understanding regarding Nepal’s diverse culture. Our host families are reputed members of the local community and on the other hand will generally have at least a single member who can talk in English.

Education is a first concern in Nepal due to its significance to the nation’s development. Hence, thousands of youngsters miss out on an education since there are not sufficient schools in Nepal, particularly in countryside regions in which 75% of the nation’s population resides. The government of Nepal cannot afford to meet the demand for the building of new schools.

Volunteer for Nepal runs separately from the government to close the educational space in Nepal through staffing group’s centres all over the nation which act as educational hubs for youngsters and grown-ups in the covering region. Nepal is quickly turning from farming society into a merchant one. Heavy changes in society are placing the education system beneath huge strain in all regions. Our aim is to act in the regions in which the government cannot. We are offering access to basic education of learners in remote and disadvantaged regions so all youngsters can contribute to the future of Nepal.

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks

Volunteer to teach young monks with different opportunities to understand their way of living in an amazing monastery. You can witness the monastery life in one of the planet’s most spiritual nations. Nepal has a lot of amazing Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries house have hundreds of Monks engaged in the life of Monkhood from untimely in their lives. They learn and reside in the monastery. They mostly use Tibetan language just at the time of their study and their opportunities of studying English are very less.

Teaching English to Buddhist monks is a perfect chance for volunteers who are interested in Buddhism and culture. Volunteers will also have a pleasant chance to understand Vajrayana from Buddhism and experience vivid rituals and prayers. As a volunteer in teaching English to Buddhist monks program you will work in the monastery which will teach English to the monks. At the time of teaching you will be motivated to converse with monks to enhance their speech.

You will on the other hand teach regarding grammar laws and try to maximize their vocabulary. You will work in the monastery where you will place lodging, food and learning. The monasteries are generally very commodious. A central building will house a prayer room. And volunteers must also be flexible, active, self-inspired and unprejudiced to study new culture. Volunteer to teach young monks and understand their way of living in an amazing monastery.

Nepal has a lot of beautiful Buddhist monasteries. Majority of them are Tibetan monasteries launched by Tibetan refugees which fled the Chinese occupation. These monasteries house hundreds of monks enlisted in the life of a monkhood from untimely in their lives. They learn and live in the monastery. They mostly use Tibetan language at the time of their study and their expectations of studying English are very low.

Orphanage Volunteer Nepal

Orphanage Volunteer Nepal and Volunteering in an Orphanage is one of the finest projects in Nepal. Volunteers will work to provide orphaned children and infants healthy, secured and productive lives. Nepal has a slow enhancing financial condition and the recent earthquakes have only made prospects worse for the individual of Nepal. Poverty has severely impacted the people in Nepal, and their capability to offer for their adolescents.

Thousands of individuals die from poverty, leaving behind a lot of orphaned children. The condition is even worse in remote villages. Volunteers will be at the orphanage or live with Nepali host families at the time of their project. Our host families are exceedingly gracious and humble. The family offers a friendly space to stay and delicious meals. Staying with a host family is a marvelous option to understand regarding local Nepali culture and way of living.

Volunteers will work to improve the lives of the adolescents by supporting their needs. There are no significant requirements for the project. Hence, supportive qualities are tolerance, humorousness, and an authentic desire to teach and support children. Volunteers might be needed to support other ways other than simply working with the adolescents. For instance, volunteers can support health care visits, cleaning. Reading, gardening, supporting the house mother of household works, doing repairs, mending clothing, and planning events for after the children come back from school.

Furthermore, to be very beneficial, these positions can be physically and mentally demanding. The volunteer’s responsibility at the orphanage is to be a big brother or sister to the youngster. Volunteers can bring together teaching tools like picture books, equipment, flash cards, arts supplies and songs.

Why do people want to volunteer in Nepal?

Volunteering in Nepal is one of the greatest options you can make an actual impact on an individual living in the most difficult situations. Most individuals join us as volunteers for Nepal since they want to provide something back and discover they get much more back. At the time you volunteer you are something in return to your group by supplying a helping hand to individuals and companies. What you might not sense is that volunteering also supports you as an individual.

There are several appropriate reasons to get engaged with the community, involving understanding something regarding you. Volunteering for Nepal provides broad volunteer opportunities for both youngsters and grown-ups. Volunteers are involved in a distinctive range of events, like the provision of learning and services, mutual support or self-assist advocacy, campaigning, administration, community and ecosystem measures. Volunteering is the option where individuals of all capabilities and backgrounds can contribute to productive change. Volunteering has a vital role in seeking solutions to social problems.

Volunteers and their agencies are consistently at the forefront of establishing creative measures to discover voice and respond to requirements emerging in society. Volunteers support to enhance the quantity and quality of services and to innovatively establish new services. Volunteering offers informal and non-formal understanding chances and it hence a significant tool in life-long understanding. By volunteering in Nepal, individuals acquire ideas, exercise capabilities and extend their social networks that can consistently direct to new or better employment chances and also individual and social enhancement.

Primary advantages of volunteering or volunteer for charity

  • You can make new friends.
  • Visit career and individual interest
  • Earn great suggestions for future occupation
  • Enhance business job capabilities
  • Create your resume
  • Enhance your learning
  • Disclose hidden capabilities and talents
  • Maximize your self-esteem, recognition activity
  • Make an impact
  • Employee discounts
  • Certificate after accomplishment

Some other reasons for Selecting Volunteer for Nepal:

To make your volunteering duration most economical and unforgettable
To submerge yourself in Nepali communities; understanding Nepali way of living, culture, language, etc., and share your culture with them
To work with children, women, youths and teachers straightaway, and take part in their life skills enhancement
To participate in the infrastructure enhancement of the community work
To be guaranteed that you’re volunteering charges are used to support develop the group you work in
To have the capability of view tangible result arrives out of your attempts

Positive Action

Volunteering is an option to put your faith into action. If there’s a social, political or climatic problem you feel powerfully about, there is nearly unquestionably a company or community with whom you could volunteer and begin to make an impact in that region. By your work you will not just be capable of impacting productive change but also build up your learning of our field of interest.

Memorable Experience

Volunteer projects provide peoples the out-of-classroom subjection to cultures, language, surroundings, and people communities to witness in their hometown. Visiting abroad consistently provides participants a new vision on life and offers lasting unforgettable moments and stories to share with others on coming back to their hometown. Volunteering is great fun! It’s a chance to work in a region which interests you, covered by like-minded individuals in the understanding that you are making an impact.

Volunteering and charity work in Nepal

Volunteering and charity work in Nepal, in villages covered by the mountain ranges, and visiting the area’s abundant cultural and holy heritage at the time making a sustainable contribution to women’s empowerment, encouragement and worldwide public health, or teaching English in local learning institutions. Visualize waking up in the mountainous region, covered by lush, green highlands and in the distance, snow-capped mountains. Volunteer for Nepal’s mission is to allow marginalized groups with fair, overall and holistic enhancement projects. As one of the accountable groups we welcome Volunteering and charity work in Nepal from all over the globe to fulfill this mission.

This is the Volunteer for Nepal in the spirited visitor town of Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal. You’ll work together with established and esteemed local agencies to make a long-lasting and perceptible influence. You’ll also be based in one of the affable groups in the world, letting you experience the area’s abundant cultural heritage.

When you work with Volunteer for Nepal, you’ll work on programs which are volunteering and charity work in Nepal like:

  • Contribute to long-term and sustainable women’s empowerment measures
  • Enlarge access to early infancy education and enhancement
  • Maximized English expertise for children and grown-ups
  • Assist worldwide public health activities

Expose you to the newest sustainable development fundamentals

Volunteering and charity work in Nepal want to understand that your contribution is making a positive influence, in a protected and respectful way. At Volunteer for Nepal, we emphasize association with esteemed agencies on the ground. We are devoted to comprehensive, sustainable and significant obligations with the local community and financial state. All of our volunteers and interns in Nepal work together with local group members in the collaboration and day-to-day events of these projects. Our programs are also completely opportunity by local businesses, assisting financial enhancement and growth.

Our projects of Volunteering and charity work in Nepal include:

Early Childhood development volunteering

Combine with local instructors to assist children in Nepal accomplish developmental milestones and understanding outcomes. People who take part in this project will work in a local Nepali primary school on programs on the basis of the requirements of our partners. The goal of our early youth enhancement projection Nepali is to encourage children’s literacy and numeracy, and also skills like hand-eye coordination, social intercommunication and group work.

We also work with children to enhance their conversational English, a skill which contributes to future learning and employment opportunities. Other volunteer teaching in Nepal involves arts and crafts or sports for fine and gross motor skill enhancement.

Medical Health and Sanitation Project in Nepal

The medical health projects will primarily be in community hospitals, community health posts in remote villages and other non-rural based hospitals. The volunteer will help the healthcare centre’s staff, share ideas and vice-versa. Furthermore, the volunteers’ work will also be to apprehensive local individuals regarding the health problems like making surrounding uncontaminated and keeping home clean and also adjoining locations.

Likewise, the volunteer can also commence a health campaign of first aid treatment and raising perceptions of fatal diseases of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Swine flu and also reproductive fitness at community level.

Child Care and Orphanage Home Support in Nepal

Helping children who do not have parents and don’t have home is surely the pure worship of God as a person and it is sensed as an actual compassionate work globally. Volunteers will be positioned for charity work like orphanages where they will live with children. The youths are mostly between the ages from 4 to 18, and the children might or might not have an essential knowledge of English.

Teaching at Buddhist Monastery in Nepal

Lord Buddha is known as a star in South Asian nations like Nepal, Japan, Taiwan and so on. The country Nepal has been declared as a secular nation after setting up a Federal Democratic Republic Country. Hence, there are enormous Buddhist followers after Hindu. Due to massive Buddhist people in Nepal, a lot of monasteries have been set up in various regions of Nepal. So, within the Kathmandu valley and outside locations have famous monasteries that are historically significant. The monasteries have been teaching Buddhist beliefs to the children with the lack of some English Language expertise.

Environment Awareness Project in Nepal

The hot problems concerning the environment in this 21st century all over the world is a slowly changing climate and its negative efficiency to the human being is to be susceptible in global awareness with professionals and volunteers events. The events primarily take place in schools and community people regarding the environment in a sustainable way.

In learning centres the volunteers teach 2 to 4 hours daily (not including Saturday) regarding the negative effect of the climate change like Mountain and glaciers melting, Mountain Lake exploding and ecosystem contaminating involving water, air, sound and garbage contamination to the schools youths.

Summer volunteer opportunities in Nepal


  • Highlights of Summer volunteer opportunities in Nepal
  • Witness the happiness of sharing the love by volunteering in Early Years Childcare Support program
  • Immerse in the beauty of the mountain ranges and understand regarding the Nepalese culture
  • Visit the cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, and Pokhara
  • Meet with other volunteer from all over the globe
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chitwan National Park and spot the wildlife

Summer volunteer opportunities in Nepal

Be a part of the Summer volunteer opportunities in Nepal with volunteers of Nepal and spend 2 fascinating weeks in the beautiful mountainous kingdom. You will start on your volunteering trip in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal where you would witness the happiness of sharing the love by volunteering in the Teaching/Early Years Childcare Support Program. It’ll be an enhancing experience for you, and you’ll be capable of creating impact in the lives of the young childrens.

This project is meant for all those adventurous individuals who are looking forward to visiting the beautiful countryside and acquiring first-hand international work experience too. No matter whether you are a high school and college student, or a sabbatical year visitor, this will firmly be one of the finest experiences of your life! During the two week period, you will acquire a fascinating chance to volunteer in Kathmandu, view some of the incredible sights in the city and also visit Chitwan National Park and also Nagarkot and Bhaktapur.

Volunteers are picked up from the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu city by a member of the local facilitating staff. Those volunteers who will be already in Nepal will be met by the staff at a specified meeting location decided previously. Accommodation is offered on a shared basis and managed by the local project facilitator. In the situation there is no accessibility at the volunteer accommodation then participants are also offered accommodation at guest houses also.

Summer volunteer opportunities in Nepal Requirements

Volunteers must be 17 years or older during the time of joining the program. You are required to have broad-mind and a flexible perspective for working in a new and unique environment. The volunteer must bring energy and passion to make an impact. Participants must be physically fit and healthy during the time of joining the project. People who take part should have no criminal records and should offer a clean criminal background check report. A parental consent form shall be needed for Under 18 individuals joining the project.

Cultural exchange and group volunteer work

Cultural exchange and group volunteer work displays extraordinary people to submerge themselves in heartfelt cultural and learning experience. These mesmerizing and interactive events are customized to allocate with particular and group volunteer work projects in Nepal, learners can acquire a worldwide learning at the time encouraging skill enhancement in an unusual surrounding. Nepal, well-known for its capturing beauty, serves as the backdrop for this project, which aims to inspire an authentic valuing for distinctive cultures and enlarge horizons amidst young contestants. With taking part in a cultural exchange and group volunteer work projects in Nepal, learners can have advantage in many options:

Worldwide Education: Learners can acquire a deeper knowledge of Nepal’s culture, history and traditions by direct assurance with local groups. This hands-on experience lets them go after textbooks and conceptual ideas, encouraging a more extensive worldwide education.

Skill Enhancement: Being in a different atmosphere outside of their ease region inspires learners to enhance different skills, like elasticity communication, group work, and problem-resolving. These skills are indispensable for individual development and can be transferable to future educational and expert occupation.

Cultural Knowledge: Living and working together with Nepal locals provides a genuine chance to know and appreciate a unique culture. With actively taking part in community programs and measures, they can enhance empathy, cultural responsiveness, and a wider viewpoint on the world.

Broadening Horizons: Enveloping experiences in Nepal can widen learner’s horizons by disclosing them to new surroundings, challenges, and viewpoints. They might acquire perceptions into worldwide problems, sustainable development, and the significance of community involvement, inspiring them to transform into responsible worldwide citizens.

Individual Growth: Moving out of their comfort zone and engaging in unknown situations can encourage individual growth, self-esteem, and dependence. Students might discover new power, conquer difficulties, and enhance a greater sense of sovereignty and knowledge.

It is significant to assure that such projects are customized responsibly and properly, with a concentration on sustainable development and relevant community engagement. Prior study and appropriate strategy can support participants find esteemed agencies or institutions which allocate through their learning aims and contribute firmly to the local groups in Nepal.

The significant prospect of cultural exchange projects in Nepal

Cultural exchange and group volunteer work are an elemental section of preserving a sense of harmony and comradeship. By initiating this Cultural exchange and group volunteer works; you can assimilate the qualities needed to be a part of the household abroad. Volunteering for Nepal offers you a way to discover the culture of Nepal at the time staying in small villages. The understanding of different cultures and customs of these individuals is the primary objective of these projects.

Volunteer of Nepal provide vary innovative bunch of Nepal volunteer projects for groups of high school scholars, university students, collective groups, individual from clubs, form institutions who like to visit in a group to Nepal and create positive impact on the lives of local people in one hand and experience Nepal in a better option with abundance experience in another hand with finest projects and most reasonable volunteer cost. Our volunteer projects provided are mostly free of cost and the small money you pay is utilized for handling your food and accommodation at the time your volunteer stay in Nepal.

In the Nepal group volunteer project people who take part will understand Nepali way of life, its cultural and unique prospects in detail. Our group volunteering Nepal projects supports the teenage scholars from high school to visit Nepal at the most inexpensive cost, do community benefiting service and have unique cultural experience. From the strategizing stage to projects phase the projects are operated by the great proficiency recommendation and care by our facilitators.

Adventure volunteering in Nepal

Volunteer for Nepal to offer meaningful volunteering positioning that have development aims and abide with the Fair Trade volunteering assumptions. We assure to offer a clear and valid reason for volunteering. One of the greatest influences of volunteering is to create good in the community. This lets you submerge yourself in a community and enhance it. Even small tasks can create huge distinctions for individuals or agencies in need. Volunteering also performs in both ways; it has advantages for you and your family and also causes you to select. Volunteering supports you, makes friends, enlarges your network and encourages your social capabilities.

Volunteering Teaches You Valuable Capabilities

The truth that volunteer work is not paid does not indicate that the capabilities you learn are not rewarding. Lot of volunteer opportunities offer in-depth courses. Volunteering can on the other hand support you build on the capabilities you already have and utilize them for the welfare of the community.

Different kinds of Adventure volunteering in Nepal

Teaching English or Skills: Lot of remote communities in Nepal has less access to quality learning. You can volunteer as an English teacher or provide workshops in capabilities like creative arts, music, child development, teacher enhancement, or vocational courses to empower local youths and grown-ups.

Monastery Volunteering: Nepal is home to several monasteries. You can volunteer to assist with teaching, instructing, and arranging events for children at the time acquiring perception into the spiritual and cultural prospect of the nation.

Healthcare and Medical Volunteering: If you have a medical or healthcare background, you can volunteer in healthcare centres, hospitals, or mobile health camps in deprived regions, offering much-required medical attention and health education.

Volunteering and Trekking or Tour: Nepal’s original beauty is exceptional, and volunteer for Nepal concentrates on environmental preservation in trail maintenance, tree planting, and wildlife managing at the time experiencing treks with amazing landscapes like the Annapurna or Everest regions.

Community Enhancement and Homestays: Join programs which concentrate on community enhancement in remote places. You may support with education measures, medical programs, or infrastructure programs at the time submerging yourself in local culture by homestays with Nepali families.

Construction and Rebuilding: Nepal is prone to natural calamities, and these programs can include rebuilding houses, learning institutions, and community centres in regions affected by earthquakes or other calamities.

Women’s Empowerment: Volunteers of Nepal work to empower women and promote gender fairness by learning, vocational courses, and awareness programs. Volunteering in these regions can have a particular influence on local communities.

Adventure Sports and Environmental Learning: Join adventure sports like hiking, mountaineering, or White-water rafting with environmental learning projects for local communities. These measures can raise perceptions regarding environmental problems at the time encouraging outdoor events.

Make a Lasting Impact At Time Starting on an Adventure of a Lifetime!

Join our Adventure Volunteer Project in Nepal and be a part of essential transformation at the time visiting one of the most enchanting nations in the planet. This project is an opportunity to establish lasting memories, forge new friendship, and leave a meaningful mark on the groups you touch.

Teaching in Monastery

This amazing program was developed with the aim of supporting to enhance the learning of Nepal’s Buddhist monks. Volunteer for Nepal performs with a local association which provides free projects including teaching in monasteries, held in Pokhara (about 200 kms west of Kathmandu). The learners are Nepalese monks and nuns of all ages, and also Tibetan monks and nuns who have taken shelter from expulsion in Tibet. Lot of the monks and nuns volunteers teach would have abided proportionately sheltered lives, having combined with the monasteries at the time of young age.

They do have a longing for education and learning, and are exceedingly willing learners. Volunteers accomplish these individual’s passion to learn English, but are also valued for their skill to communicate ideas and perceptions of first aid, environmental problems, health and hygiene, and also political problems and human rights. Volunteers normally have the chance to teach a range of age groups, from children through to grown-ups, and have the capability to open up an entire new world to these gentle individuals.

Aims of this Program are:

  • Offer free lessons to Buddhist monks and nuns in Nepal, supporting them to enhance their English language skills
  • Uncover non-English speakers to native English speakers in order to enhance pronunciation and casual abilities.
  • Teach other subjects, involving life-skills to nuns and monks
  • Uncover volunteers and Buddhist monks and nuns to different individuals and cultures
  • Your Responsibility as a Volunteer

As a volunteer in the Teaching in Monastery project, your main role is to offer elemental conversational English to the monks and children. With your devotion and passion, you will enhance their English language capabilities, develop their ideas, and improve their opportunities for the future. Furthermore, relying upon the monastery’s needs, you might also be engaged in arranging extracurricular events like sports, drawing, painting, and other innovative educational classes.

Volunteer Requirements

To take part in the Teaching in Monastery project, you do not require any particular skills or experience. Hence, fluency in English, both written and spoken, is important. Your devotion, patience, and respect of the local culture and customs will add to a prosperous and beneficial experience.

Program Charges and Support

Please visit the webpage at or contact us straightaway to question regarding the project charges that cover your lodgings, foods, orientation, field support, and other logistical organizing. We endeavor to keep the charges inexpensive; assuring that your contribution can make a particular influence on the education and welfare of the monks and children.

Volunteer internships in Nepal

Volunteer for Nepal offers different kinds of internship in Nepal scopes for learners who are willing to widen their professional experience in their particular area of learning. Working out of the country in a developing nation is challenging. However it can create your internship all the more beneficial. You will enhance new capabilities and view various kinds of choices of working. On top of this, you will acquire actual-world experience and immerse in an important cultural interchange. We are cautious to intercept your talents, idea, experience and understanding aims to the correct positioning. With this way, you can understand and contribute is the most effective option.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is promoting a product, service, trademark, or other data with a digital means like TV/radio, social network, search engines, and webpage/app. Volunteer for Nepal offers Digital Marketing internships where it introduces higher levels of association with clients and offers measurable outcomes with the usage of Data-driver analysis. Digital marketing assures to enlarge the target audience. It’s true 2.8 times higher remuneration can be generated if the appropriate Digital Marketing policy is applied.

Digital Marketing fundamentally indicates teaching or informing purchasers/target audience regarding a significant product/service with the usage of the internet. It is a broad umbrella term and surrounds all things from search engine optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and different other digital platforms. Digital Marketing has space for everybody, no matter who you are.

Web Design

Web design is the procedure of strategizing, analyzing, and applying the plan for designing a webpage in an option which is operative and provides a good client experience. Client experience is significant to the web designing procedure. The web designing course describes the procedure of developing motionless web pages and web pages that are provided by volunteers for Nepal. The procedure of developing a web page has significant methods. The first is creating a mock-up, and the second is transforming the mock-up into a website. For creating a website an individual must have an idea of languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.


Graphic design internship in Nepal from Volunteer for Nepal provides you the essential skills and fundamentals of visual communication by the usage of instruments. Design theory, software instruction, project-based learning, and industry understanding are all covered in the graphic design internship. Training in graphic design is significant for anybody who is willing to work in the sector since it furnishes them with the conceptual information and practical skills required to propagate in a cutthroat environment. Design concepts, software expertise, the development of a design procedure, and the establishment of a portfolio of work to illustrate skills and creativity are all topics covered while at the internship.


We, Volunteer for Nepal, have been providing short term internships in different kinds of programming languages that are important at the time of software development to learners and graduates with the goal of generating certified experts able to intercept the demands of this quickly developing and expanding IT sector. Furthermore, we also offer internship programs on advanced modules of programming to working expertise searching to improve their ideas in significant fields or contemplating switching careers.

There are a lot of programming languages around and you can possibly get in the chunks of a huge number of programming languages. You must select the programming languages as per their interest, job opportunities and your career inspirations. Programming internships are primarily divided into three streams:

Web basis Programming courses:
In web basis programing courses, the courses which are famous in job market are as follow:


Can anyone become a volunteer in Nepal?

The excellent amalgamation of adventure, culture, history, and stunning original beauty, the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal has extensively been one of the planet’s greatest visiting locations. Since the 2015 earthquake, it has also become one of the most famous locations for volunteering abroad. With countless interesting and different programs to select from, a low cost of living and the chance to actually make an impact, Nepal has many things to provide any willing volunteer.

Add in the magnificent Himalayan region, some of the finest trekking, mountaineering, and rafting in the world, incredible temples, and stunning wildlife, and you’re surely onto a winner. The company provides different kinds of volunteer work in all parts of the country. Here’s our analysis of Can anyone become a volunteer in Nepal?

What to Consider Prior to Volunteering in Nepal?

Volunteering abroad can be a life-transforming chance and one of the best prospects you’ll ever do, but there are still certain prospects you have to keep in mind prior to you going. Even Though Nepal is possibly one of the planet’s most beautiful nations, it is still a developing country. This indicates that the work you can do here will have even more of a long-enduring impact, but that you have to be capable to anticipate the unpredicted and roll through the punches a little bit more.

This can be in all perspectives from dodging cows in the center of the street to walking carrying all your tools, eating dal bhat each day, the odd strength dim-out, or sometimes taking bucket bathing. Hence, if initiating anything entirely different, challenging yourself in fresh and beneficial options, and giving time to submerge in an amazing culture, and communicating with interesting people from all over the globe pleases you then you’ve come to the right path.

Top kinds of Volunteer Work in Nepal

There is a volunteer program to suit anybody in Nepal, through a broad range of both skilled and unskilled projects accessible to select from, involving building and construction, teaching, women’s acknowledgement, business and micro-financing, firms and trading, childcare and working in an orphanage, working in hospitals and health placements, community overreach work, and even wildlife and nature preservation.

Nepal is also still on the road to readjustment from the earthquake in 2015, so there are still sufficient stunning re-establishing programs accessible, involving working with Build Abroad to make learning centres, hospitals, and houses for those who require them most. Fortunately, no preceding construction experience is essential and everybody can apply, as long as you’re satisfied to get your hands dirty and work hard! You may also have to trek up to the location carrying all your tools, so a proportionately reasonable level of fitness supports.

Teaching English

Did you know that teaching English overseas is really one of the most famous volunteer events? There are different kinds of teaching programs all over the globe, and Nepal is no exception. You can teach adolescents and youngsters, older kids, or grown-ups, teach in a monastery, teach at an orphanage, and even teach the local children from an organic women’s farm in the remote areas. Majority of programs let a fair quantity of independence with teaching extra subjects also, involving math, science, and more practical subjects like drama, music, and art.

Our beloved teaching projects in Nepal involve Nepal Volunteers Council, who can build up their own school in the slums outside Kathmandu valley, and Oyster Worldwide, who provide mesmerizing 4-month projects in remote communities. Even Though it supports teaching English as a foreign language certification and some experience in a classroom, it is not always necessary. We advise doing your research and selecting the project which best suits you!

Childcare and Volunteering in an Orphanage

If teaching isn’t so much your interest, or if you are willing to go the additional mile and take care after children in a daycare or an orphanage, or to work through at-risk, there are sufficient chances in Nepal. Relying on your interest, A Broader View Volunteer Corp provides different kinds of interesting positioning concentrated in childcare and women’s assistance, and The Love Company Orphanage has chances to support the children in the orphanage and also support them with school and assisting with their homework.

To support keeping the children as safe and possible, it isn’t feasible to stay in an orphanage in Nepal, so majority of projects involve accommodation in a homestay through a local family or a close by volunteer house.

Healthcare and Medical Placements

For those both with and without a medicinal background, volunteering abroad in healthcare can be amazingly beneficial. It is a great chance to understand more regarding healthcare centres and medicine all over the globe, and the challenges and difficulties encountered by the local doctors.
Nepal Volunteers Council provides health and medical basic training in local healthcare centres for trainee doctors and nurses, and wider understanding also has a healthcare project in Kathmandu that is particularly tailored to skilled volunteers with healthcare/nursing background. Programs overseas also have volunteer chances in physiotherapy, working straightaway by those affected by HIV/AIDS and other different kinds of projects, involving dental work.

Women’s Empowerment

There are a lot of problems experienced by women and girls in Nepal at present, involving a lack of education and assistance for a career, together with social issues and medical concerns. Projects like GVI work straight away with local women to offer learning, medical workshops, and enterprising help, whilst People and Places has created many social enterprises which support to entrust Nepali women by entrepreneurship and education, involving selling textiles, crafts, and marketing local coffee.

Business Internships

One of the most valuable options which you can volunteer and provide back is by business internships, teaching management, micro-entrepreneurship and financing local individuals and markets to grow and accomplish their complete potential. There are different kinds of business internships accessible in Nepal, involving helping the women-focused measures with People and Places.

Farming, wildlife and Nature Conservation

Nepal’s original beauty is honestly classic, and one of the outlines of everybody’s tour to this stunning nation. Support protects the wildlife and surrounding for years to come by working on preservation programs, on biological farms, and on eco-projects. Projects overseas provide an amazing Himalayan Conservation Project, and working on her on Her Farm is a fantastic chance to support a women-led biological farm a few hours out of Kathmandu.

Where is Volunteer in Nepal?

From the mighty mountain ranges to the winding streets of Kathmandu and the convenience of Lake Pokhara, to the rough and wild beauty of Chitwan National Park, Nepal is home to some of the most different kinds and stunning landscapes in the planet. And, with stunning volunteer programs accessible in all of our favorite places, it can be challenging to select where you are willing to be! Don’t be afraid, we’re here to assist you.

Below are a summary of few of Nepal’s top locations to volunteer to assist you narrow down the choices.


Nepal’s capital city of the planet’s most fascinating cities, with a tangled warren of backstreets, amazing architecture, and stunning temple squares. Even Though the earthquake caused some destruction to a few of the primary buildings in Durbar Square, it is still no less awe-inspiring. The nearby towns with their amazing history and attractive architecture are also well worth exploring. Volunteer programs in the city involve childcare, and teaching, healthcare positioning, and women’s entrepreneurship.


Set in the uphill and covering the amazing Pokhara Lake, Nepal’s second largest city is popular for the attractive streets and convenient pace of life. It is the beginning point of many treks to Annapurna and a great location to come for the weekend if you are volunteering in the big city. It’s around a 5-8 hrs. drive to Kathmandu on a local bus. There are volunteer placements situated in the remote villages in the hilly villages around, and in the city itself, involving teaching, volunteering at a local orphanage, and working healthcare centres.


Home to the nation’s largest national park and most amazing wildlife, involving elephants. There are medical and dental volunteer positioning in remote healthcare centres around the national park, and also wildlife-focused programs, like working with elephants, significantly from veterinary science insights. Many volunteers also select to come here after or during their other positioning all over the nation for a weekend safari doorway.


Where the peaks meet the sky. This attractive mountain town between Kathmandu and Pokhara is popular for its amazing views, fascinating Newar architecture, and incredible history. Programs here involve teaching and childcare with Global Works and chances to work on reconstruction programs of old specified buildings with GVI.

Sankhuwasabha Pitlung

A small remote community with choices to do healthcare programs and community outreach programs in countryside medical post work and with healthcare electives. Chitlang is certainly a moderately more demanding location to; work, with cold bucket showers and local village homestays, but the chance to witness honestly genuine rural Nepal and create a big impact to the local community.

Gairan Gaun

A small off-the-beaten-track village in the mountain ranges, with sufficient agricultural opportunities and the chance to completely submerge yourself in the local life. The village is concentrated around agriculture, but there is also a school and a library and eco-project which have supported the villagers to utilize biofuel and gas for preparing food. Good Karma Foundation provides a combo homestay, teaching, and farming project here.


Another tiny town in the mountain ranges, Ghandruk is an attractive location with an amazing view of the peaks and very friendly local people. Program overseas runs a stunning Himalayan Conversion Program here where you can understand a lot regarding local vegetation and animals, and even capture a glance of the elusive snow leopard!

Volunteer for Nepal is a legally registered in 2017, beneath the Society Act 2039 through the District Administration Office (DAO) of Kathmandu, and associated with Social Welfare Council, (SWC). With it means, we are a recognized company to perform all and operate all the social wellbeing and aligned events beneath the prevailing rules. The motive of the company is to mutually have an advantage to volunteers and the local communities in Nepal, with providing assistance of volunteer’s capabilities and group’s requirements.
We are devoted to creating volunteering projects affordable and achievable to everybody, on the other hand the standard of volunteer and humanitarian experiences. With our volunteer tours, we aim to have a considerable influence on the lives of less-fortunate youngsters and disadvantaged groups. In our volunteer project, you surely will understand your objective of creating an important change in the lives of unprotected youngsters who really need you. We hope our webpage offers a keen perspective into our values, and why we work to provide volunteering chances in our nation. We endeavor to provide a meaningful, adventurous and encouraging experience.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to volunteer in Nepal, from the incredible original beauty to the fascinating history, and the amazing people, who will welcome you into their houses with their arms wide and make you immediately feel like you are part of the family. Possibly one of the finest nations in the planet to be a volunteer, Nepal has an abundance of chances to volunteer everywhere from remote high hills villages to the flourishing cosmopolitan city of Kathmandu and the relaxed lakeside haven of Pokhara.

Through all of our projects offered by with amazing local assistance connection and most involving accommodation with local family or in a volunteer house-share, it won’t take long for you to make long-enduring friendships with fascinating individuals from all over the globe. Add into the incredible chances to visit around, participate in amazing events like white-water rafting, and hiking the magnificent Annapurna Himalayas or even creating your way up till Everest Base Camp, and either you can only spare a week, a month, or even five, we can guarantee you that it won’t take long for your to admire or adore with this beautiful country!