Childcare Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poor and developing countries in the world. Because of being a poor country, children cannot have access to their basic needs and rights. More than half of the country’s people live below the poverty line and it deprives children of their needs. Unfortunately, children find a way to work in the capital city and end up trapped as child labor at restaurants, hotels, and factories. Because of being child labor, the subject many of these children to abuse by their employers. It often leaves them walking on the streets and becomes more vulnerable to living life ahead. This childcare volunteering program in Nepal aims to take these children off the streets and provide them with quality childcare and education, saving them from a life of abuse and neglect.


This Childcare volunteering program in Nepal is for willing volunteers to contribute your love and compassion to these children. You will help the children explore their world and their strengths and abilities. Children need enthusiastic, passionate, and caring volunteers to adhere to the daily work required to give these children quality care. The children will fully enjoy learning if volunteers use fun and engaging activities and games. Volunteers may sometimes accompany the children on the other activities such as Picnic and Movie showing where children often can have fun. The program is available year-round and the duration of program ranges from a week to extendable as per your requirement.

Child care

Accommodation Plan

The project fee includes living accommodations, meals, and supervision throughout volunteering. Accommodation will be modest; however, it is comfortable, safe and close to your placement. On arrival, we will place you at a guest house or hotel in Thamel. Our safe home-stay accommodation location in Kathmandu, 3-4 km away from a popular tourist hub Thamel. Most of our projects within 2-4 km of the home-stay. Volunteers can walk to their projects or take a taxi or bus. All our home-stay locate in the city’s heart and provides easy access to volunteers to all parts of Kathmandu. It is a perfect situation for volunteers to live while making many new friends and sharing experiences. In the evening, volunteers can explore local areas of the city.

Most single rooms are available; However, if there are many volunteers at the same project, volunteers have to share with the same gender. The host families are humble and experienced with hosting international volunteers. They are always supportive, welcoming, and caring for volunteers. More than that, they are strong enough to volunteer safety and well-being and caution and care. This is an excellent opportunity to stay with the Nepalese family to learn and experience the way of life. Another viable option you can choose the accommodation, this includes a host family, a hostel or a guest house. We recommend in winter to pack warm clothes and sleeping bags.


We give you Nepali meals three times per day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dal, Bhat, and Tarkari (pulses, rice, and curry) are a staple food for most Nepalis. Tarkari is vegetables curry, pickle, and meat curry will offer sometimes to you. Added foods, you should self afford. For drinking water, we give you two mineral bottles (one liter of each bottle) in a day, or you can buy self of which total cost may come to be 5 dollars a week. If any of you have special dietary habits and requirements, please let us know at the time you apply so we could plan. We do our best to well-taking care of volunteers. Meanwhile, you should not expect to eat as you do at home. We appreciate the flexibility of volunteers.

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