Teaching in Monastery

Posted On:Saturday, October 7, 2023

This amazing program was developed with the aim of supporting to enhance the learning of Nepal’s Buddhist monks. Volunteer for Nepal performs with a local association which provides free projects including teaching in monasteries, held in Pokhara (about 200 kms west of Kathmandu). The learners are Nepalese monks and nuns of all ages, and also Tibetan monks and nuns who have taken shelter from expulsion in Tibet. Lot of the monks and nuns volunteers teach would have abided proportionately sheltered lives, having combined with the monasteries at the time of young age.

They do have a longing for education and learning, and are exceedingly willing learners. Volunteers accomplish these individual’s passion to learn English, but are also valued for their skill to communicate ideas and perceptions of first aid, environmental problems, health and hygiene, and also political problems and human rights. Volunteers normally have the chance to teach a range of age groups, from children through to grown-ups, and have the capability to open up an entire new world to these gentle individuals.

Aims of this Program are:

  • Offer free lessons to Buddhist monks and nuns in Nepal, supporting them to enhance their English language skills
  • Uncover non-English speakers to native English speakers in order to enhance pronunciation and casual abilities.
  • Teach other subjects, involving life-skills to nuns and monks
  • Uncover volunteers and Buddhist monks and nuns to different individuals and cultures
  • Your Responsibility as a Volunteer

As a volunteer in the Teaching in Monastery project, your main role is to offer elemental conversational English to the monks and children. With your devotion and passion, you will enhance their English language capabilities, develop their ideas, and improve their opportunities for the future. Furthermore, relying upon the monastery’s needs, you might also be engaged in arranging extracurricular events like sports, drawing, painting, and other innovative educational classes.

Volunteer Requirements

To take part in the Teaching in Monastery project, you do not require any particular skills or experience. Hence, fluency in English, both written and spoken, is important. Your devotion, patience, and respect of the local culture and customs will add to a prosperous and beneficial experience.

Program Charges and Support

Please visit the webpage at volunteerfornepal.org or contact us straightaway to question regarding the project charges that cover your lodgings, foods, orientation, field support, and other logistical organizing. We endeavor to keep the charges inexpensive; assuring that your contribution can make a particular influence on the education and welfare of the monks and children.