Can I volunteer in Nepal?

Posted On:Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Are you seeking for a different experience in one of the greatly distinctive nations in Asia? Volunteering in Nepal is an excellent option! Amazing peaks, multicultural cuisine, and spirituality are only a few prospects which set this nation apart. Volunteer elsewhere in Nepal and provide back to the community as you submerge yourself in a diverse world. helps to find different kinds of volunteer works in Nepal.

If you are curious for a chance to join your volunteer work with an adventurous on the hand motivation travel tour, take a look at Nepal and its volunteer activities. The different kinds of volunteer chances in Nepal together with its varied climate zones, attractive landscapes, and cultural locations surely provide this nation its edge.

Prior to carry on through the different kinds of volunteer chances in Nepal, below are some fun facts regarding Nepal:

  • Half of the Nepalese people all over the country rely on daily living on 1 USD each day.
  • 8 out of 10 of the planet’s tallest peaks are located in Nepal.
  • The Nepal flag is the only national flag which is made of two triangles. These triangles are said to signify Hinduism and Buddhism and the Mountain Ranges.
  • As cows are holy, so is their manure. It is usual to clean homes with water and cow manure, to cleanse and bless it.
  • Nepali time is 45 minutes off of the Coordinated Universal Time. The time in Nepal is on the basis of Mount Everest and not the time zone lines.

Why Volunteer in Nepal?

Nepal is a lively nation with many to provide but there are a lot of challenges also. Through the planet’s youngest education system, there’s still a long way to provide the youngsters with the learning they require and deserve. There are on the other hand child care opportunities where you can hugely change. Provide the young ones in Nepal the concern and care they are required to enhance into well-rounded grown-ups.

If you’re a health care expert or scholar, you can join a medicinal program tour in Neap and save people’s lives. Apart from many volunteer changes to help the local group, you can also volunteer with animals in Nepal. The increased number of street animals requires all the assistance they can acquire! Volunteers who are drawn with nature can join an agriculture scheme in Nepal or save it from different biodiversity.

How to Volunteer and Teach in Nepal?

Helping the local education procedure with teaching English or other interesting subjects is one of the most famous volunteer initiatives in Nepal. An interesting fact regarding Nepal: the present method is one of the youngest globally. It was just at the time Nepal transformed to democracy in 1951 in which education became achievable to a broader community. Aside from the recent enhancements in the academy method, it’s difficult for individuals in tiny villages to access learning. In some situations, small villages in hilly areas don’t have the correct infrastructure so they have less appropriate schools and teachers.

Volunteering in Nepal as a teacher will make an impact in numberless lives. Learning is the starting of lasting change. Join the online educational groups as a volunteer in Nepal and apply your techniques on procedure to enhance, handle, or guide educational enhancement. Volunteers are normally deployed in community centers or academies in underdeveloped regions. A common passion for working with youngsters is necessary for working, teaching, and volunteering in one of these teaching schemes.

How to Teach English in Nepal?

In all developing nations, English capabilities can make a huge difference in an individual’s future scopes. Volunteer as an English teacher and teach the youngsters of Nepal this necessary skill. Learning a language from an adolescent is much easier and maximizes the possibilities of transforming to fluent. Locals with good English skills will face more job opportunities, later in life.

How to Volunteer and Teach Monks in Nepal?

Volunteers who are on a spiritual journey will adore volunteering at a monastery. Do volunteer work in Nepal regarding Buddhism at the time you teach teenage monks. Your spiritual environments are an excellent setting to arrange your meditation activity and motivate a unique way of life. Monks are taught from the time they are very young.

English is a crucial skill for them since it lets them translate holy narrative and communicate precepts. It’s also usual for monks to leave the monastery when they are older, which is why it is so crucial they have a stable education. Good English skills will build up for better future scopes. Volunteer with monks in Nepal and acquire perception into an entirely varied world and teach youngsters extremely useful skills they will be able to utilize their whole lives.

How to Volunteer for Community Programs in Nepal?

It’s great for volunteers to join a companionable scheme with a community focus to motivate cultural reciprocate. This is a great option to combine a cultural experience with consequential measure. Volunteer works in Nepal make a huge variation in local groups. Volunteer in Nepal as an NGO volunteer and work to help NGO programs with:

  • Helping in childcare and buddy measures
  • Taking care of street children
  • Rescuing street animals
  • Volunteer to establish programs
  • Medical volunteer work

Nepalese people are famous for their friendly nature and hostility.

How to Volunteer for Child Care in Nepal?

Become a childcare volunteer in Nepal and take care of youngsters or adolescents at the time their parents make a living. There are a lot of volunteer opportunities in Nepal concentrated on children. Either you choose volunteering with older youngsters or are fascinated by very young children; you’ll encounter the correct scheme in Nepal.

Keep children protected and off the street at the time you engage them in relevant events. Your works as a child care volunteer will include:

  • Helping children with their homework
  • Assisting them to learn for academy
  • Tidying up
  • Preparing meals
  • Playing with the youths
  • Providing them the concern they lack

How to Volunteer for a Construction Project in Nepal?

Handy volunteers who aren’t frightened of rolling up their sleeves can make an impact in local society by building houses or schools. There are a number of volunteer chances in Nepal which require volunteers to work on growing the school infrastructure. If you are interested in seeing quick outcomes, this is the correct volunteer scheme for you!

How to Volunteer with Animals in Nepal?

If volunteering abroad for you is not fulfilled without animals, then volunteer for a street animal program in Nepal. Save stray dogs and cats off the streets of Kathmandu and provide them the medications they require. Maximize perception around the significance of spaying, neutering, and vaccinations. This is necessary to reduce the number of street animals in the future.
As the shelter, volunteers will assist with each day chores involving:

  • Walking dogs
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning enclosures
  • Preserving the shelter
  • Helping with animals which require significant care or treatment
  • Playing and providing the animals concern

How to Volunteer for a Medical Mission in Nepal?

Healthcare experts or scholars will find sufficient medical volunteer chances in Nepal. Healthcare choices in Nepal are bounded and not everybody has access to the care they require. Volunteer in Nepal at a healthcare Centre and provide the doctors and nurses with assistance. Your support is significantly required in rural places where there is limited accessibility to healthcare. Do a medical mission tour and understand about working in less than absolute conditions and put your skills to the test.
Healthcare volunteer schemes in Nepal are beneficial, to say the least. It won’t be a simple task but it will save an individual’s lives. Either you have plenty of time or just 1-2 weeks, healthcare volunteering is excellent for short-term volunteering in Nepal. All kinds of medical volunteers can apply for healthcare schemes. Nurses, midwives, physicians, or physiotherapists will all concentrate on the medical aspects of the community and accomplish tasks which fit your level of experience.

How to Volunteer for Environmental Conservation in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal is not just for social butterflies. Volunteers who are more drawn to nature can volunteer in Nepal for conversation. If you grew up in a big city and you require an alteration of environments, this can be your opportunity to get in touch with local vegetation. Volunteer in Nepal for the surrounding and assist safeguard its indisputable beauty.

With 80 % of the population depending on farming, volunteers can understand much regarding agrarian activities. Majority of farming still occurs traditionally with the usage of traditional Nepalese methods. As a volunteer in Nepal, they can on the other hand join tea research or biological farming programs. You’ll be able to understand biological tea cultivation and production or you’ll be able to engage in picking tea leaves, tea processing, and tea wrapping.

These programs let you witness the significant way of living of rural Nepali villages! Volunteers who are drawn to the uplands can assist with conservation measures to safeguard this different biodiversity. View the wildlife, do research on the rhododendron forest (the Annapurna Himalayas has the greatest rhododendron forest), and raise perception amidst the local inhabitants.

Where to Volunteer in Nepal?

Majority of volunteer measures occur in Kathmandu, the busy capital city of Nepal. You’ll find enough volunteer chances in Kathmandu ranging from healthcare volunteer measures to community service programs and teaching tasks.

Kathmandu is a very busy city which can generate sensory overload for many. Crowded and noisy through various smells wafting from everywhere, it’s not for backing out. If you crave some amusement, Kathmandu won’t disappoint!

What is the cost of volunteering in Nepal?

The recommended each day budget for living as a volunteer abroad in Nepal is within US$ 8 and US$ 15. This is an evaluation made regarding the average cost of some of the products and services you might want to purchase. It provides you a common overview of the prices of the things in this nation, so you can arrange on the other hand save the money you will require.

Extra costs you must consider as a volunteer in Nepal:

  • Schemes fees
  • Flight tickets (find inexpensive flights to Nepal)
  • Travel insurance (find your travel insurance)
  • Charges for you visa
  • Individual expenditure

An outline of living costs for Nepali (in US $, for single person)

Big Mac


Eating out

Rental Car



Public Transport


Can I Volunteer in Nepal for no charges?

There are sufficient schemes which are very budget-friendly. Majority of volunteer projects need charges to be paid to cover your accommodation. Free programs will consistently need to arrange your own accommodation. You can make usage of our budget filter to find volunteer programs within your budget. If you encounter any troubles, contact us on the number +977 9866551703 (WhatsApp & Viber) and the team will be very happy to help you.

Good to know prior to Volunteer in Nepal

At the time you’re an international volunteer, it’s crucial to know the culture of the nation you’re volunteering in. this will support you to settle in and escape misapprehension. These are few tips for your volunteer work in Nepal:

Culture and Religion

Popular for its deep network of religion and spirituality, Nepal has an abundant culture which is worth visiting. Take some time to submerge yourself in the history of this tiny nation and make your very own experience. In Nepal, religion is not only a faith system but the heartbeat of the country.

The complex intertwining of traditions, beliefs, and teachings are combined into every section of the Nepalese Culture. Nepal is popular as the world’s only Hindu Kingdom. Hence, Nepal is also the birthplace of Buddha, and Buddhism is a significant religion there too. At the time volunteering at one of the projects in Nepal, confirm to follow these cultural and religious laws:

Do not touch anybody’s head or point with your feet at anyone. Locals regard these gestures to be rude.

If a local agrees with you or makes a vow, it is every time good to double-check.

Some entrance charges for temples are only well founded for outsiders, so every time bring money every time.

Agreement or disagreement is manifested differently. If you agree with somebody, move your head moderately from one side to the other. If you disagree, hold one hand up in front of you and move your wrist softly.

Once you touch food or water with your lips, it is a contaminated plate or touch a water bottle with your lips if it isn’t yours.