Can anyone become a volunteer in Nepal?

Posted On:Thursday, October 5, 2023

The excellent amalgamation of adventure, culture, history, and stunning original beauty, the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal has extensively been one of the planet’s greatest visiting locations. Since the 2015 earthquake, it has also become one of the most famous locations for volunteering abroad. With countless interesting and different programs to select from, a low cost of living and the chance to actually make an impact, Nepal has many things to provide any willing volunteer.

Add in the magnificent Himalayan region, some of the finest trekking, mountaineering, and rafting in the world, incredible temples, and stunning wildlife, and you’re surely onto a winner. The company provides different kinds of volunteer work in all parts of the country. Here’s our analysis of Can anyone become a volunteer in Nepal?

What to Consider Prior to Volunteering in Nepal?

Volunteering abroad can be a life-transforming chance and one of the best prospects you’ll ever do, but there are still certain prospects you have to keep in mind prior to you going. Even Though Nepal is possibly one of the planet’s most beautiful nations, it is still a developing country. This indicates that the work you can do here will have even more of a long-enduring impact, but that you have to be capable to anticipate the unpredicted and roll through the punches a little bit more.

This can be in all perspectives from dodging cows in the center of the street to walking carrying all your tools, eating dal bhat each day, the odd strength dim-out, or sometimes taking bucket bathing. Hence, if initiating anything entirely different, challenging yourself in fresh and beneficial options, and giving time to submerge in an amazing culture, and communicating with interesting people from all over the globe pleases you then you’ve come to the right path.

Top kinds of Volunteer Work in Nepal

There is a volunteer program to suit anybody in Nepal, through a broad range of both skilled and unskilled projects accessible to select from, involving building and construction, teaching, women’s acknowledgement, business and micro-financing, firms and trading, childcare and working in an orphanage, working in hospitals and health placements, community overreach work, and even wildlife and nature preservation.

Nepal is also still on the road to readjustment from the earthquake in 2015, so there are still sufficient stunning re-establishing programs accessible, involving working with Build Abroad to make learning centres, hospitals, and houses for those who require them most. Fortunately, no preceding construction experience is essential and everybody can apply, as long as you’re satisfied to get your hands dirty and work hard! You may also have to trek up to the location carrying all your tools, so a proportionately reasonable level of fitness supports.

Teaching English

Did you know that teaching English overseas is really one of the most famous volunteer events? There are different kinds of teaching programs all over the globe, and Nepal is no exception. You can teach adolescents and youngsters, older kids, or grown-ups, teach in a monastery, teach at an orphanage, and even teach the local children from an organic women’s farm in the remote areas. Majority of programs let a fair quantity of independence with teaching extra subjects also, involving math, science, and more practical subjects like drama, music, and art.

Our beloved teaching projects in Nepal involve Nepal Volunteers Council, who can build up their own school in the slums outside Kathmandu valley, and Oyster Worldwide, who provide mesmerizing 4-month projects in remote communities. Even Though it supports teaching English as a foreign language certification and some experience in a classroom, it is not always necessary. We advise doing your research and selecting the project which best suits you!

Childcare and Volunteering in an Orphanage

If teaching isn’t so much your interest, or if you are willing to go the additional mile and take care after children in a daycare or an orphanage, or to work through at-risk, there are sufficient chances in Nepal. Relying on your interest, A Broader View Volunteer Corp provides different kinds of interesting positioning concentrated in childcare and women’s assistance, and The Love Company Orphanage has chances to support the children in the orphanage and also support them with school and assisting with their homework.

To support keeping the children as safe and possible, it isn’t feasible to stay in an orphanage in Nepal, so majority of projects involve accommodation in a homestay through a local family or a close by volunteer house.

Healthcare and Medical Placements

For those both with and without a medicinal background, volunteering abroad in healthcare can be amazingly beneficial. It is a great chance to understand more regarding healthcare centres and medicine all over the globe, and the challenges and difficulties encountered by the local doctors.
Nepal Volunteers Council provides health and medical basic training in local healthcare centres for trainee doctors and nurses, and wider understanding also has a healthcare project in Kathmandu that is particularly tailored to skilled volunteers with healthcare/nursing background. Programs overseas also have volunteer chances in physiotherapy, working straightaway by those affected by HIV/AIDS and other different kinds of projects, involving dental work.

Women’s Empowerment

There are a lot of problems experienced by women and girls in Nepal at present, involving a lack of education and assistance for a career, together with social issues and medical concerns. Projects like GVI work straight away with local women to offer learning, medical workshops, and enterprising help, whilst People and Places has created many social enterprises which support to entrust Nepali women by entrepreneurship and education, involving selling textiles, crafts, and marketing local coffee.

Business Internships

One of the most valuable options which you can volunteer and provide back is by business internships, teaching management, micro-entrepreneurship and financing local individuals and markets to grow and accomplish their complete potential. There are different kinds of business internships accessible in Nepal, involving helping the women-focused measures with People and Places.

Farming, wildlife and Nature Conservation

Nepal’s original beauty is honestly classic, and one of the outlines of everybody’s tour to this stunning nation. Support protects the wildlife and surrounding for years to come by working on preservation programs, on biological farms, and on eco-projects. Projects overseas provide an amazing Himalayan Conservation Project, and working on her on Her Farm is a fantastic chance to support a women-led biological farm a few hours out of Kathmandu.

Where is Volunteer in Nepal?

From the mighty mountain ranges to the winding streets of Kathmandu and the convenience of Lake Pokhara, to the rough and wild beauty of Chitwan National Park, Nepal is home to some of the most different kinds and stunning landscapes in the planet. And, with stunning volunteer programs accessible in all of our favorite places, it can be challenging to select where you are willing to be! Don’t be afraid, we’re here to assist you.

Below are a summary of few of Nepal’s top locations to volunteer to assist you narrow down the choices.


Nepal’s capital city of the planet’s most fascinating cities, with a tangled warren of backstreets, amazing architecture, and stunning temple squares. Even Though the earthquake caused some destruction to a few of the primary buildings in Durbar Square, it is still no less awe-inspiring. The nearby towns with their amazing history and attractive architecture are also well worth exploring. Volunteer programs in the city involve childcare, and teaching, healthcare positioning, and women’s entrepreneurship.


Set in the uphill and covering the amazing Pokhara Lake, Nepal’s second largest city is popular for the attractive streets and convenient pace of life. It is the beginning point of many treks to Annapurna and a great location to come for the weekend if you are volunteering in the big city. It’s around a 5-8 hrs. drive to Kathmandu on a local bus. There are volunteer placements situated in the remote villages in the hilly villages around, and in the city itself, involving teaching, volunteering at a local orphanage, and working healthcare centres.


Home to the nation’s largest national park and most amazing wildlife, involving elephants. There are medical and dental volunteer positioning in remote healthcare centres around the national park, and also wildlife-focused programs, like working with elephants, significantly from veterinary science insights. Many volunteers also select to come here after or during their other positioning all over the nation for a weekend safari doorway.


Where the peaks meet the sky. This attractive mountain town between Kathmandu and Pokhara is popular for its amazing views, fascinating Newar architecture, and incredible history. Programs here involve teaching and childcare with Global Works and chances to work on reconstruction programs of old specified buildings with GVI.

Sankhuwasabha Pitlung

A small remote community with choices to do healthcare programs and community outreach programs in countryside medical post work and with healthcare electives. Chitlang is certainly a moderately more demanding location to; work, with cold bucket showers and local village homestays, but the chance to witness honestly genuine rural Nepal and create a big impact to the local community.

Gairan Gaun

A small off-the-beaten-track village in the mountain ranges, with sufficient agricultural opportunities and the chance to completely submerge yourself in the local life. The village is concentrated around agriculture, but there is also a school and a library and eco-project which have supported the villagers to utilize biofuel and gas for preparing food. Good Karma Foundation provides a combo homestay, teaching, and farming project here.


Another tiny town in the mountain ranges, Ghandruk is an attractive location with an amazing view of the peaks and very friendly local people. Program overseas runs a stunning Himalayan Conversion Program here where you can understand a lot regarding local vegetation and animals, and even capture a glance of the elusive snow leopard!

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We are devoted to creating volunteering projects affordable and achievable to everybody, on the other hand the standard of volunteer and humanitarian experiences. With our volunteer tours, we aim to have a considerable influence on the lives of less-fortunate youngsters and disadvantaged groups. In our volunteer project, you surely will understand your objective of creating an important change in the lives of unprotected youngsters who really need you. We hope our webpage offers a keen perspective into our values, and why we work to provide volunteering chances in our nation. We endeavor to provide a meaningful, adventurous and encouraging experience.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to volunteer in Nepal, from the incredible original beauty to the fascinating history, and the amazing people, who will welcome you into their houses with their arms wide and make you immediately feel like you are part of the family. Possibly one of the finest nations in the planet to be a volunteer, Nepal has an abundance of chances to volunteer everywhere from remote high hills villages to the flourishing cosmopolitan city of Kathmandu and the relaxed lakeside haven of Pokhara.

Through all of our projects offered by with amazing local assistance connection and most involving accommodation with local family or in a volunteer house-share, it won’t take long for you to make long-enduring friendships with fascinating individuals from all over the globe. Add into the incredible chances to visit around, participate in amazing events like white-water rafting, and hiking the magnificent Annapurna Himalayas or even creating your way up till Everest Base Camp, and either you can only spare a week, a month, or even five, we can guarantee you that it won’t take long for your to admire or adore with this beautiful country!