About Us

Volunteer for Nepal is a legitimately registered in 2017, under the Society Act 2039 with the District Administration Office (DAO) of Kathmandu, and affiliated to Social Welfare Council. (SWC). By it means, we are a recognized organization in order to conduct and carry out all the social welfare and social welfare oriented activities under the prevailing laws. The mission of the organization is to mutually benefit volunteers and the local communities in Nepal, through giving support of volunteers’ skills and communities’ needs. We are committed to make volunteering programs affordable and accessible to everyone, as well as the quality of volunteer and humanitarian experiences. Through our volunteer trips, we aim to goal a sustainable impact on the lives of less-fortunate children and disadvantaged communities. In our volunteer program, you definitely will discover your purpose of making a vital change on the lives of vulnerable children who desperately need you. We hope our website provides a profound insight into our values, and why we work to offer volunteering opportunities in our country. We strive to offer a meaningful, adventurous and inspiring experience.

What We Offer

Volunteer for Nepal hearty welcomes both international and local volunteers in volunteering. We offer volunteers to learn, know, and share the ideas with the people live in community. For instance teaching at public school could be the place to exchange of both sides. Children could learn many things from you which they have never learned it before, meanwhile, you also get plenty of information the plight of people. Medical elective, health Care, and Orphanage are the major sectors that Volunteer for Nepal offers to volunteers.

Location and Duration:

Placement of Volunteer for Nepal remains mainly in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktpur and Pokhara, which are famous as tourist zones of Nepal, the adjacent districts located in Kathmandu Valley. Pokhara is the most beautiful tourist area of the country, seven hour bus journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara, located 200 km west of the capital. In placement to volunteers it could be rural and urban areas convenient to outskirts. In regard to duration, you will spend the first two days in orientation gaining cultural insights and learning the local language. All volunteers will arrive in Kathmandu and settle during orientation and final night here. During orientation you will stay close to the Thamel, which is known as the main tourist hub of Kathmandu.