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Nepal is comprehensively portrayed worldwide as the Himalaya Kingdom by reason of the Himalayas influence. Its northern boundary a continuous stretch of the Himalayas from east to west. Among fourteen the highest Mountains in the world, eight of them stand in Nepal. The tallest peak in the world, Mount Everest is here, so that Nepal has always been called trekker’s heaven destination. On the basis of the geographic structure is divided into three regions, the Himalayan, the Middle Hill and the Terai region. As stunning as these geographical wonders are however, they’re overshadowed by the country’s most invaluable resources. The generous Nepali people, who welcome you into their lives with a gentle gesture of ‘Namaste’. You can experience Nepal as a volunteering destination instead of a tourist destination. Volunteer for Nepal places you into the daily lives of the local people, where you can learn about the diverse religions, tribes, and over many ethnic groups, by working with children, monk, students and community. As a result volunteers can make their of time incredible experience.

Volunteer for Nepal offers wide range of programs in various places over Nepal. The programs are including teaching English in schools and monasteries, assisting in hospitals and clinics, and caring-education to children healthy lesson of good habits for a lifetime. The goal of the programs is to develop of merit of life and living standards, with priority on the most disadvantaged communities of Nepal. If you have any specific program which is not listed over here, please do let us know we will be glad to arrange it accordingly. The duration of program ranges minimum of a week or more as per the requirement to volunteers. There is a choice to suit everyone and we make certain that your time is well spent. Volunteer for Nepal is always ready and happy to providing affordable volunteering and internship programs in Nepal.

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Volunteering is a most rewarding job you can do. It helps you to obtain confidence and build a real sense of achievement. Meeting different people and make new friends. The programs of Volunteer for Nepal are conducted year-round for volunteering uninterruptedly. Particularly programs are in monasteries, children homes, and hospital intern. VFN is always ready and happy to provide the opportunities to make yours meaningful and remarkable experience. As listed the programs volunteer may designate any of program or more for the volunteering.

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